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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance pays the owner of property for its loss or for the loss of its income-producing ability if the loss results from a covered cause of loss.

The property insured is specifically described in the policy, normally consisting of listed buildings and/or the business contents of those buildings. Several types of property are typically insured under other types ("lines") of insurance.

Commercial property may be insured for a broad list of NAMED "causes of loss;" e.g. fire, lightning, explosion, wind, hail, etc. A more popular option is to insure commercial property for ALL causes of loss except those that are EXCLUDED in the policy.

The price of property insurance is heavily dependent upon the type of OCCUPANCY, type of CONSTRUCTION of the building and the public fire PROTECTION provided. Other pricing factors may include the territory, private fire protection (extinguishers, sprinklers, etc.), housekeeping and surroundings.

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